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Friends and Followers

We are a charity which exists to protect and promote Partytime Garden. We are all volunteers who give our time and talents to keep the garden open so that it can be enjoyed by the community. We have been working hard for almost twenty years and still have a passion for the place. If you have visited us or seen us online and would like to help just contact us and we promise that we will find you something to do.

Many charities focus on the pounds in the pocket but here at Partytime Garden our focus is on people, they are our most precious asset. Down through the years we have had schools and churches, sports clubs and businesses as well as dozens of ordinary people lend a hand. Others put their hand in their pocket and supported us. Much of our work has been made possible by funding from local Councils, Government Departments and other funders. We would like to say a big thank you to each and everyone. The Garden is your garden we are only here to look after it.

Each year it does take tens of thousands of pounds and even more volunteer hours to keep it clean and safe, to make sure our animal residents are well fed and happy as well as all the free events and activities we provide to the local community. So as you look through the site, or pay us a visit why not become a Friend of Partytime Garden and help us make the magic happen.

Virtual volunteer

We realise that many people are unable to visit us in person, so we would like to give them a virtual visit and to keep in touch with all our online friends. If you can write an email, or post or Facebook then we would love to have you help us with our online work. Its great experience to put on a CV, and you can help us from the comfort of your own home. We are looking for keyboard eco-warriors and online activists to help us.

Volunteer visitor

While we welcome all our visitors we prefer to see you as volunteers, so don't be surprised if you get given a task while you are here. Our motto is "Lets Muck In" so you can expect to get your hands dirty as you become a keeper for a day helping to feed our animals or a conservationist helping us look after the world around us.

Friend of Party Time Garden

As a voluntary organisation and charity we would love you to join the team as we plan and organise events and run the garden all year round. The committee brings together a range of skills and experience and together we have a lot of fun making sure the place is somewhere where communities can come together and work rest and play.

Other Ways to Support Our Work

The Garden, and all the animals we provide a home to and care for takes a lot of looking after. From food and bedding to tools and equipment we rely on the generosity of the public and from grants which support all we do. If you have enjoyed a visit, or like what we are about then please consider supporting our work financially

Adopt an Animal

We have some furry friends that would love to be adopted, while you won't get to take them home you will be able to visit them anytime you like and get kept up to date on their adventures

Hire the Garden

We have hosted funfairs, festivals, foam-parties, concerts, film nights, birthday parties and even weddings. The Garden has a number of locations inside and out for a range of events and we have an events co-ordinator with over thirty years experience in planning events.


From sponsored events, to online donations and fundraisers, become a real friend of Partytime Garden by getting involved in our charity fundraising events today. We welcome support from Businesses and individuals whether it be donations or skills and services to help us.

Roles available

The only limitation on your involvement is your imagination. If you have an idea for fund raising or helping the garden we’d love to hear from you. As a volunteer we can provide all the necessary checks and training to ensure that you are supported and your work here has a real impact.

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