While lockdowns and restrictions have made everything that bit harder this year we have been pressing on with with around the garden.

There is always plenty to do and we would like to thank all this who gave their time last weekend for a socially distanced clean up. The hard work will begin next years as we look forward to reopening in 2021. Things will be very different and we realise that many of our places and spaces around the garden need to be redesigned to ensure that social distancing rules can be adhered to. This means more work to ensure that visitors and volunteers are safe. So if you would like to join us as we redesign the garden in 2021 to meet the new normal then just get in touch.

A special word of thanks to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs and the Team at Northern Area Community Network in Cushendall for a recent grant under the Rural Micro Capital Grant Scheme. This is always a welcome grant and we have been successful before. It helps us replace equipment and tools needed to allow our volunteers to work safely and well. This year with 2021 improvements in mind we asked for tools and practical items to help around the garden.

These will be vey welcome and useful so thanks again for our early Christmas present.