Help is coming with a new project from Partytime Garden to help us all look after our animals through the pandemic. 

Life and work at Partytime Garden has continued through the pandemic, and while we haven’t been able to welcome the public as usual we are still kept busy. The animals still need looked after and we have had a few new guests due to COVID with owners not able to look after them or needing a break. Our pet care work was such a success we have developed a project to develop it and we have just received the great news that it will receive some funding so thanks to the Public Health Agency and the folks in the Northern Area Community Network who have made this happen.

The project recognises the value of perts during the pandemic, our furry friends are great for improving mental health and well being from just a bit of company to getting your out and active on walks they are a real help. However the other side of this is that we are all finding things that bit harder during lockdown and even simple tasks like the weekly shop can be difficult. Many local charities and community groups have stepped up to help with food poverty and home deliveries for those shielding or unable to get out and about as normal. However we noticed that pet food poverty was a real issue and that many people were struggling to look after their pets as well as they would like.

Older people who couldn’t leave their house or those actually sick from COVID were actually under increased stress worrying about their pets. Our project aims to start tackling these real issues and helping your to look after man’s best friend better. Our volunteers will be delivering pet care packs, offering advice and support with pet care and online we will be offering advice and guidance on a range of pet and animal welfare issues. Whether it is getting a pert to the vet or learning to look after a new four legged friend, the project will help us to help you. Its an exciting new departure for Partytime Garden as we looked at hoe we could help. For a few months we struggled ourselves with the costs and care issues around COVID, and we still do. However we are all in this together and while it will be a challenge to deliver this project during times of restriction and lockdown we will be developing online resources and support so that we can all look after each other and our animals.

We will take some time to plan how we can deliver this and will be keeping you all updated online and on social media.